Zula Mobile is Out!

The fps-style Turkish-made Zula, developed by MadByte and released to the computer platform for free in 2016, is also coming to mobile platforms. Zula Mobile, which has been under construction for 1 year by BoomByte Games with its Unity game engine, will be accessible for free on Zula mobile Android and iOS platforms after necessary tests are done in beta version.

Zula Mobile will be similar to the popular mobile fps style games on the market, there will be no big differences, so there will be no problem getting used to the game.
Known maps in the computer version will also be found in the mobile version.
Weapons, characters and cosmetics available in the computer version will also be available in the mobile version.
It can also be played on devices with low hardware feature.
For devices with high hardware capability, the highest (Ultra) graphic setting option will be available.

How to Download to Zula Mobile Phone? How to play?

Zula Mobil download, Zula Mobil Apk download, Zula Mobil Android download, Zula Mobil Ios download operations are not open to access as the game is currently in beta, but closed beta registrations are open. A limited number of users can access the game for the Closed Beta version, but if you want to try the game as soon as possible and help to correct the game’s errors, you can apply for the closed beta version.

If you wish, by filling out the Zula Mobile Pre-registration form, when the game is released, you can access the game primarily from your Andoid and iOS phones and have the surprise gifts given for a limited number of pre-registration.

How to Register Zula Mobile Closed Beta?

Choose which operating system your phone has (Android / iOS)
Select the model of your phone from the list (iOS for brands such as iOS / Samsung, Huawei)
Choose which operating system and version your phone is on. (If you are not sure which version it is, you can check your current version in the settings section of your phone.)
Enter how many hours you play on your phone per day.
Enter how many hours you play on your computer per day.
In order to be included in the test version, you must enter your e-mail address linked to your Google Play account. It is not mandatory to add the Facebook profile link, but it is useful to add it for communication. After typing your name and surname for iOS, you need to enter your email address linked to your Apple ID.
If your application is approved, you must write your ID in discord application to be contacted.
Finally, after writing your name, surname, e-mail address and phone number you currently use, read and confirm the beta trial registration agreement and click the “send” button.
If your beta test registration is accepted, the authorities will reach you via your contact information.
To remind you again, every application to Zula’s Beta test process is not accepted. Your application is concluded positively or negatively after the evaluation by the authorities. But it is also useful to fill out the Pre-registration form. You can have surprise gifts when the game comes out. Finally, although a clear statement has not been made yet, it is expected that the game will be released in the first quarter of 2020. We will share the developments about the game. Zula Super League Season 4 Begins! You can click on gamepixel.com/zula-super-lig-4-sezon-basiyor/ to read our news.

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